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1 Introduction

I am Joe Awni from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I am UNIX user since 1992 when i installed Slackware Linux on a 386. Usually i rack and install my own servers when working for clients, but last few years… well, i haven't had any clents. It started in 2014 when i got my Lenovo W530 from Taiwan with RAID array and 5xHD display (with dock). Until that point, my clients needs had dictated the OS. If they were working with Red Hat; then i would be too. What happened at that point was that i wasn't really working with any clients so the decision for OS was up to me. After much ado I backed-up my files onto a pair of USB drives and clobbered the partition table + RAID array of my long-time Fedora box. Then i tried to install Solaris (many versions) but my hardware is not supported. I left that laptop in the States.

Which brings me to the current situaion: After months of booting livecds turned into a year i got used to not having a '~/'; no rc files, no persistant storge, etc. Picking up and going thru a few second-hand Dell laptops from flea markets throughout Europe, a net-book/thin client, a smartphone. I lost files, bookmarks, correspondence, browser-tabs, and entire computers.

Now, i've figured out how to install emacs on my smartphone and with the help of a bluetooth keyboard and a magnifying glass im able to do much of my computing like this.

2 Appeal

I write to request immediate membership upgraded to MetaArpa for indefinite term right away. CC: and This message is part of on-going correspondence over IRC, bboard, and email between myself and various SDF staff since 2016. I dont want this point to be understated: having access to computing resources from anywhere in the world and being able to communicate via IRC and on-line publishing are important to me especially while travelling (which i have been doing since 2015). Today, i write from a desk built from a wild olive tree in deep south Spain:

< r1qSqvv.jpg >

Just in case your are wondering, it's a Lenovo Phab2 Pro with Prject Tango that im looking at under a magnifying glass. I have emacs working but no spell check yt.

In other words, its a priority for me to get MetaArpa membership activated before i lose steam on this issue and kind-of of forget about my digital life for a change.

To save the trouble of re-reading a bunch of outdated correspondence and stick to the point i will explain you my main point and the counter-point of the other in an objective way.

Basically, i intended to pay for MetaArpa membership via Bitcoin by making a donation significant enough (36USD) to entitle my user to a homepage, `screen` session , and other Meta-only features like access to web logs.

However, what has happened is the donation was not counted towards my Meta membership because, for some reason, Bitcoin is not accepted as payment for MetaArpa membership. I know the technology exist to automate processing of membership dues by Bitcoin because i have first-hand experience with that. And, i offer my help to extend your system to include it, or help you consider further options.

I paid in 2016 but did not receive, therefore the payment should be effective from the date MetaArapa membership is active. If you consider what the amount of Bitcoin i sent then would be worth today: at least two years of membership. The Bitcoin donation is effectively paying for an additional year of membership. In theory, if i paid Bitcoin in 2016 and recieved nothing until 2018 i should get three annual memberships to reflect the present day value of the BTC. Ofc, I would only accept one or two years membership at a time and leave the remander to continue to accrue value in your Bitcoin account. Bitcoin lifetime membership for the price of three years would be a good deal for all involved. THANKS!

Specific Reply to on-going discussion: "That idea does not align with how economy works…you have to obey the common sense of economics." –Voidn

I am not a financial expert, but i have some information you might like to be aware of, Voidn.

According to the Financial Times of London's Glossary of Financial Terms published in 1984: Currency is a defined term which relates to the use of a money as the current medium of exchange of a country. Since there is no country using Bitcoin as it's current medium of exchange, Bitcoin is not considered currency. Also according to that glossary is a three part definition of money that i forgot, but i assure the fact that bitcoin's intangibility and being unrelated to any govt/banks makes it very distinct from traditional money.

Also, if you want to use BITCOIN correctly in a sentence keep in mind the word can refer to three things

  1. The Bitcoin Tranaction Network
  2. The Bitcoin Software
  3. a fungible unit of account known as bitcoin/BTC

It's either a proper noun when used to refer to the transaction network or software, or a common noun used as a unit of account.

Good Luck!

Author: Joe Awni

Created: 2018-05-24 Thu 19:52

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